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IFDR Solutions

Coolant delivery system

IFDR technology is a robust solution from RBM offering a complete coolant delivery system.
Suitable for any machine tool model on the market, it can be customized to the specific needs of each application.

The 4 pillars in IFDR engineering innovation are:

  1. A patented filtration system, clearance to less than 10μ
  2. An integrated tramp oil separation system
  3. Variable flow and high pressure coolant delivery
  4. A reduction in the volume of coolant required

IFDR benefits

  • Reduction of micro-bacterial activity
  • 100% reduction in maintenance and consumable costs
  • 98% reduction in the retained particles within the fluid stream


modular designs to suit any machine tool guaranteeing performance.

IFDR 200
IFDR 400
IFDR 600


bespoke solutions incorporating modular technology to deliver customised benefits